- people are not blind to colour in a colour conscious society

- racism affects black and white people both but differently

promoting the principle of
'different but equal'



Controversial Casey review
While the review highlights variety of socio-cultural negativities, most prevalent in some Muslims, it lacks adequate focus on why things are as they are – for example, barriers to integration which many say are the dominant norms as well as the conflicts and contradiction within these norms. ... read more
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Divisive Harrow East MP

Harrow council meeting on 30 November 2017 passed a resolution condemning that Bob Blackman MP had hosted an Indian extremist keynote speaker who has written articles that are regarded by many in the Harrow community as divisive (and elsewhere) as anti-Muslim.
The council rightly resolved that:. . .
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The Tory Party remains the nasty party - and soft on racists within it - regularly beset by allegations of racism against its MPs, councillors and candidates ... read more
Tory party remains soft on racism, islamophobia and anti-semitism
BBC bias challenged!

Further to the Commons debate about BBC bias, a group of private individuals is bringing a case for judicial review of the way the BBC measures impartiality. There is a strong argument that the BBC is in breach of its obligations under its Charter and Framework Agreement... read more

Not only Corbyn but our democracy is under attack

The British politics has taken a nasty turn since the last London mayor and Brexit campaigns where distortion, lies and personal attacks have been so obvious.
Those who elected Mr Corbyn or who support him were/are fully aware that he is a product of the 1960s peace movement, opposition to the Vietnam war .... read more

Labour who voted Tory in deprived areas now regret 


Johnson is by now well known as a cynical leader, an opportunist and has an aversion to anyone who is not from the same class, sex or race. “A racist PM, and a racist candidate” said the Momentum founder Jon Lansman. Recently we have seen more and more contempt for our democracy though somewhat covert but Boris Johnson has changed this.. read more
Hundreds of millions of pounds will be diverted to Tory areas because of a new formula which significantly downgrades the importance of deprivation in assessing need, LGA analysis shows. Many Labour areas switched to Tory, hardest hit by a decade of austerity, are more threatened and face fresh cuts to local services.
The biggest loser will be Labour held Birmingham,Liverpool and Manchester.
Now the new Tory MPs who gained areas like Workington, Stoke-on-Trent, Grimsby, West Bromwich, Sedgefield and may others worst hit by a new formula . read more

Drive for real peace - rights of Palestinians

In a letter to the prime minister, some 133 British parliamentarians have express grave concern over the Trump’s “peace plan” for Israel and the Palestinians, which they say “shows contempt for the aspirations and rights of the Palestinian people and international law, and provides no realistic basis for a return to negotiations”.
 The signatories have urged the PM to reconsider the “welcome” offered by the government for the document, as well as to spell out what action it will take in response to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan to annex portions of the occupied West Bank.
"The new US plan undercuts prospects for a just peace between Israelis and Palestinians. If implemented, the plan will doom the only viable solution to this long-running conflict, the two-state solution," said former US president Jimmy Carter. 30/01/2020

Protect and improve policing
A petition started by a retired senior police officer last March highlighted that 25,000 police officers have been lost since 2010, resulting in no one getting charged for over 91% of crimes. The petition asked to create a Royal Commission on the Criminal Justice System, and this has now been announced.
Johnson not fit for high office - a wider view
Labour MPs question racial disparities in criminal justice system

Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs call on the UK government to reassess the racial disparities in our criminal justice system in the wake of the recent unrest in US. We recognise that George Floyd’s death took place in the context of centuries of social deprivation and economic extraction ... read more

COVID-19  impact
on Black & Asian people
Death rates from COVID-19 were higher for Black and Asian ethnic groups when compared to White ethnic groups - between 10 and 50% higher risk of death when compared to White British .. read more
Labour in panic over Batley and Spen challenge
Division within the Labour is bad enough but worst is the apparent action to stir-up emotions and cultivate ill feelings in the communities - many see a real opportunity to get rid of Starmer by not supporting his Labour party at the forthcoming by-election more
One disregarded equality commission after another
Sense of being inclusive, exclusive, subjective continues - ‘legal flaws’ in the equality commission’s  ‘Labour antisemitism’ report - difficult to trust the report ... read more
The Modern Slavery
Modern slavery in the UK can take many forms, including forced sexual exploitation, domestic slavery or forced labour on farms, in construction, shops, bars, nail bars, car washes or manufacturing. The number of people identified as victims of modern slavery in the UK has been rising year on year ... read more