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The HCJ has been proactive since its inception:

for example, House of Commons acknowledged the HCJ's written observations as early as in 1993 (Hansard Debates for 8 June 1993).
The HCJ has made substantial contributions towards developing criminal justice system, community consultations, youth and community service, community care and education for all, including a major submission to the Education and Skills Select Committee regarding the work of Ofsted.
The HCJ was a key organisation to assist Harrow Council to develop the community consultation model.
The HCJ has been active in educating public opinion, doing the case work, supporting members of the public at appeals and reviews and representing them at the industrial tribunals, all by volunteers and at no cost to the tax/rate payers.

The HCRJ has been inspirational:

it is good to see that organisations have adopted the HCJ-promoted theme “different but equal” in their ‘equality’ work.
The HCJ has also thanked the Harrow Council for putting in practice the following aspects of the HCJ campaign:
“The Harrow Council for Racial Justice will also campaign for meaningful ways for the people to influence the decisions which affect them”, and therefore the “local government meetings to have a slot for the members of public to raise questions” as well as to see that “all the councillors participating in such meetings are available for lobbying before the meetings”: HCJ leaflet:1992

HCJ aims

To work towards creating a better society based on justice and equality.
To work towards improving the quality of life for vulnerable and disadvantaged people.
To work, within the overall context of Human Rights, towards removing the overt and covert barriers based on the hierarchy of culture, language, sex, religion, colour and class which systematically stop the vulnerable and disadvantaged people from equal access to the public or private services or from power sharing in socio-political and conomic fields.
The HCJ recognises racism as a significant barrier and has taken the position that racism affects Black and White people both, but differently (Black & White are political colours based on colonial experiences).
To rigorously promote the practice of ‘different but equal’ in all aspects which impact the quality of life.

The HCJ is not under the influence of any political party nor it is in the business of promoting councillors or other elected representatives but it shares its analysis of socio-political and economic     situations with voters to help them to make well informed democratic choices.
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