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Labour left fights for powerful National Executive Committee
Amongst the outcry of ill treatment of the Labour’s dedicated socialists by the party, the forthcoming elections to the NEC, the governing body of the Labour Party, overseeing the overall direction of the party and the policy-making process, look more significant.

“Elections to Labour’s NEC are a huge opportunity for the left to build back power and deliver the future our Party and our country needs” says Momentum.

A United Left on Labour's NEC campaign says there is massive public support for transformative socialist policies that can create the future we need.

They say from systemic racism to climate collapse, our political and economic system is in crisis. Our movement must join with Black Lives Matter in the fight for systemic change. We will take on the political elites who try and use racism and prejudice as weapons to turn us against one another.

The Labour Party has to tackle the failures of the rigged system head-on. That means embracing transformative socialist ideas that have massive public support and building a movement that can challenge the power of the billionaires and their bought-and-paid-for political elites.

They said this platform for power is needed not only to elect a Labour government but to rebuild our society once in government. Half-measures and small reforms won't be enough. The threats of the COVID crisis and an uninhabitable planet demand more than that.

Following are eight Grassroots Voice/ a United Left on Labour's NEC candidates for Labour's NEC, advocating socialist policies from a Green New Deal to public ownership and support for Black Lives Matter (and implicitly hitting out at the new Labour leadership selected by some, for some). 

Nadia Jama the daughter of a Somali steel worker, believes the Labour must provide democratic socialist solutions to the unprecedented health, economic and environmental crises.

Laura Pidcock who says she is from a political tradition that wants to bring about a different system, one which eradicates in-work poverty, supports a sustainable and thriving planet and an end to war and oppression.

Gemma Bolton, standing on a platform of anti-racism, for equality and peace and human rights, is seeking to unite the party in support of progressive policies, including public ownership, strong opposition to austerity, and a Green New Deal to tackle the climate emergency.

Mish Rahman, a working class man of Bangladeshi heritage, wishes to make clear to the leadership that Black Lives Matter is a movement for lasting change, not a “moment” that can be brushed aside – he will fight for justice for the abuses revealed in the Labour leaked report, including tackling the systemic racism and sexism the report exposed.

Ann Henderson believes to prioritise building on policies developed for the Labour’s 2017 and 2019 manifestos to win anti-austerity, internationalist Labour governments.

Yasmine Dar, a strong supporter of Jeremy Corbyn’s internationalist foreign policy for peace, justice and human rights throughout the world, says her community and party experiences have shaped her socialism and fuelled her determination to fight for a transformative Labour government for the many not the few.

Ellen Morrison, standing as NEC representative of disabled members, outlines her priority to listen to the disabled members want, and says that campaigning with Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) and representing disabled trade unionists in Unite Community has given her the experience to advocate for their rights.

Lara McNeill, an NHS doctor who has seen firsthand the crisis the health system is experiencing, is fighting for a better world - from Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership to Black Lives Matter to the campaign for a Green New Deal.  She is re-standing as NEC Youth Rep.

It would be interesting to see the outcome of the NEC elections, given the party’s now systematic drive to push out Labour left and Jeremy Corbyn supporters.

One social media comment sums up the feelings: “All those who spent years doing everything they possibly could to stop Jeremy Corbyn becoming prime minister really have no idea just what they’ve enabled instead, do they?” 4/8/2020