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Labour MPs question racial disparities in criminal justice system

Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs call on the UK government to reassess the racial disparities in our criminal justice system in the wake of the recent unrest in US.

 “We recognise that George Floyd’s death took place in the context of centuries of social deprivation and economic extraction that have been endured by African Americans” the group statement says.

In a show of solidarity, the group says “We stand shoulder to shoulder with all those in America and across the world who feel anger, hurt and fear after yet another instance of discriminatory state violence”.

Regarding the UK picture, they emphasise: “it is also crucial that we in the UK recognise that we are not immune from the disease of state-sanctioned racism” and remind that “Black people disproportionately suffer from police use of force in the UK, are over-represented in the prison population  and are more likely to be sent to prison than white offenders”.

The statement signed by 22 socialist MPS points out that according to INQUEST, there have been 1741 deaths following contact with the police in England and Wales – with African, Asian and minority ethnic communities disproportionately impacted. The Runnymede Trust found that, between 1995 and 2015, no police officer was prosecuted over a Black person’s death in custody.

As in America, it appears the police can act with impunity as they very rarely face criminal prosecutions” they express concern.  30/5/2020