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Tory party remains soft on racism, islamophobia and anti-semitism

A dossier by the Unite (the union) informs that the Conservative Party is regularly beset by allegations of racism against its MPs, councillors and candidates. It’s also clear that only rarely do such instances – even when particularly offensive – result in the person being expelled from the Party.

The cases include Tory elected representatives using racist abuse like “Pakis”, “pikies”, and “piccaninnies” – as well as several anti-semitic or Islamophobic remarks. But most appear to have been allowed to continue their membership and even to represent the Conservative Party.

Back in 2001 Andrew Lansley MP complained of “endemic racism” in the Conservative Party. In January 2015 a former aide to both Margaret Thatcher and John Major described the Conservative Party as “essentially racist”. Just last month lifetime Tory voter and Daily Mail columnist Peter Oborne described Zac Goldsmith’s Islamophobic London mayoral campaign as the “most repulsive I have ever seen”.

“The Tory Party remains the nasty party - and soft on racists within it” the dossier claims.

In Harrow, Bob Blackman, MP for Harrow East, has found himself in bed with far-right extremists and xenophobic figures to a point that the Harrow council passed a resolution on 30 November 2017 out of the concerns that he hosted an Indian Hindu-nationalist, in the Commons during an event called “Tolerating the Intolerant”. 2/4/18