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A record number of tenants losing homes

A study by the Cambridge Center for Housing and Planning Research for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation finds that over 40,000 tenants in England were evicted in 2015, an increase of a third since 2003 and the highest level recorded.

The concerning increase is primarily due to high numbers of “no-fault” evictions by private landlords - more than 80% of the extra evictions were under a Section 21 notice where a tenant is given two months to leave and the landlord does not have to give a reason.

Because of the changes in welfare benefits, the cost of renting is no longer covered by housing benefit in some cases, with average shortfalls ranging from £22 to £70 a month outside of London, and between £124 and £1,036 in inner London.

Following are some interesting public comments regarding the housing situation:

“The conservatives freeze in housing benefits is cause of current housing crisis which only Jeremy Corbyn can with his honest approach sort out”.

“Welfare systems are fast tapering off, shifting to harsh capitalism geared to suit the "wealthy" who have the credentials to borrow big time from financial institutions. Yet it doesn't stop here. The middle-class needs to choose between paying bills or buying food – if this is the "developed" world, what 'undeveloped' means”.

“Remember, private landlords only exist because the arrogant/incompetent authorities are unable to provide enough housing”.

“Oh! how the authorities also like to dump their 'rubbish' tenants into this private market too.
It can cost thousands of pounds to evict a bad tenant, with council charges, and up to six months lost rent!!!”.

The Grenfell factor would remain a harsh reminder of the social housing situation and the strong feelings associated with it. Category : News : 23/7/2017