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Divisive Labour right in panic over Batley and Spen challenge
Keir Starmer was head-hunted to bring unity to the Labour Party and to purify the party of the ‘…isms’. But far from this, the party is now more divided in terms of left, right, centralist and socialist, and the dynamics of racism are thriving under the selected Labour leadership.
A recent tweet from a Harrow East senior Labour member helps to understand why things are as they are: “The problem with letting Tories and other non-socialists into Labour is that it moves our party ever more to the right. These are the entryists into our party. They climb into positions of power feigning socialist credentials then set about expelling all the real socialists” – the tweet appeared soon after Tory John Bercow joined Labour.
Earlier the Mail in serialisation of Lord Ashcroft's forensically researched new biography of Keir Starmer reported how the flute-playing, grammar school educated Labour leader has been accused of overplaying his working-class credentials.
“A forensic new biography of the Labour leader reveals how his arrogant refusal to accept the referendum result unwittingly helped make Boris PM – and gave Britain the hard Brexit he most dreaded” Ashford observed.
Division within the Labour is bad enough but worst is the apparent action to cultivate ill feelings in the communities.
It has been reported that a ‘senior Labour official’ told the Mail that there is a ‘single, toxic reason’ that the party expects to lose the Batley and Spen by-election, in a constituency with a 20% Muslim population, because of a ‘backlash’ against ‘what Keir has been doing on antisemitism’.
“This is a patently vile, Islamophobic briefing by a 'senior Labour official' to the Daily Mail. This racism needs to be challenged urgently and publicly by the Labour leadership & the party as a whole. There can be no hiding behind the anonymity of the source and briefing” Labour Muslim Network tweeted.
Desperate Labour right play ‘antisemitism’ card and send Muslim foot-soldiers to Batley and Spen as many Labour voters intend not to vote Labour at the by-election on 1 July.
Batley and Spen by-election is not about Jews or Muslims but about the Labour party’s poor performance under Starmer as confirmed by his Continuous punishment at the ballot box, and rightly so.
Under Starmer, the Labour Party’s dramatic defeat by the Conservatives in Hartlepool earlier this month, with the party’s leadership blamed, was followed by Chesham and Amersham defeat, one of the worst by-election results in the Labour history, with 622 votes.
Before this, Labour lost control of eight councils and more than 300 seats in the Local Elections, including County Durham, which had been under Labour control for more than 100 years.
Difficult to disagree that the Labour leader, seemingly selected to sort out Corbyn and his Labour supporters and mute socialist voices against oppression and apartheid, gets what he deserves and is therefore a political liability for his party.
His inclusive, exclusive and collusive approach to the international conflicts gives a sense that a vote for Labour is a vote for right-wing nationalist leaders.
No point in blaming some while many see a real opportunity to get rid of Starmer by not supporting his Labour party at the forthcoming Batley and Spen by-election. The names already in circulation include Blair, Bercow and Phillips. 20/6/2021