- people are not blind to colour in a colour conscious society
- racism affects black and white people both but differently

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The two manifestos: we stand on the side of justice
The Labour manifesto gives a message of hope: a real Living Wage of £10 per hour - decent homes for all, with a million new homes to rent or buy - free education and an end to university tuition fees - social care and the NHS properly funded - pensions protected.

Theresa May’s Tory manifesto is a “dog whistle” to UKIP voters as Stand up to Racism reminds:

Attempts to blame migrants for “health tourism” and to make employers pay for taking on migrant workers make no sense, unless you want to make sure UKIP voters come home to the Conservatives.  

Theresa May’s call for a snap election on 8 June is aimed at pushing through her version of a “hard” Brexit.  At the heart of May’s vision is a crackdown on migrant rights and opposition to the free movement of labour.  EU nationals in Britain and even child refugees are being used as bargaining chips for future negotiations with Europe.

May has targeted the Muslim community as an “enemy within” through the Prevent agenda.

The Tories have scapegoated migrants and refugees, blaming them for the effects of the austerity that was really created by bankers and their politicians.

But migrants play an indispensable role in society and the economy, staffing crucial public services and contributing through the tax system.

Now Theresa May is set to ramp up racism for electoral gain. The Tories often use the same inflammatory anti-immigrant rhetoric as UKIP and the right-wing press that fuelled a serious spike in hate crimes after the EU referendum.

And May’s new best friend in the White House, Donald Trump, is still trying to impose a racist travel ban on Muslims and refugees. We can expect her to use the same divide and rule politics here.

Jointly issued with the Harrow Monitoring Group 18/05/2017