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Racism at the seat of democracy

Majority of ethnic minority MPs have experienced racism at Westminster, survey suggests.

Of the 65 MPs from minority ethnic backgrounds in the Commons, 37 responded to an anonymous investigation from ITV News across all political parties at Westminster.

Of these, 62 per cent said they had experienced racism at the parliamentary estate while 51 per cent said they had experienced racism from fellow MPs.

It comes after newly-elected MPs complained of being confused with other politicians and parliamentary staff during their first weeks in the House of Commons. 

There are many other examples of how some top politicians have faced racism at various levels.

Sayeeda Warsi, once co-chair of the Tory party suffered at the hands of the “bitchy colleagues”.

Most recent example is Sajid Javid who was treated badly starting with the refusal to invite him to Donald Trump’s state banquet when he was home secretary which was most unusual.

His contest for the Tory party leadership failed badly. Buzzfeed reported that some Conservative Party members had posted messages on Facebook saying they wanted to prevent Mr Javid taking the top job, suggesting the UK was “not ready for a Muslim PM”.

He was humiliated as his media adviser Sonia Khan was sacked and marched out of Downing Street under police escort for allegedly helping opponents of Boris Johnson’s Brexit strategy. The adviser was fired after a one-to-one meeting with Dominic Cummings, the prime minister’s most controversial chief adviser who seemingly have upper hand in running number 10 (and now number 11 as well).

‘Culture of fear’ was claimed as Javid confronted PM over adviser’s sacking!

Sonia Khan has now launched unfair dismissal claim.

Eventually, Pakistan-origin Tory MP Sajid Javid resigned as the chancellor, apparently rejecting the prime minster’s order to fire his team of aides, saying “no self-respecting minister” could accept such a condition. 17/02/2020