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Plight of the disabled people

Some of the assaults on welfare for vulnerable people by Iain Duncan Smith and George Osborne taking effect now, could prove more painful for thousands of families across the country than any others since the Conservatives launched their austerity campaign back in 2010.

Since the changes to the assessment process where personal independence payments (PIPs) replaced the disability living allowance (DLA), some 51,000 disabled people have had specially adapted vehicles taken away because PIPs were refused.

To qualify for the higher level of the mobility component of PIP, which is needed to get a Motability vehicle, a person must be unable to walk unaided for 20 metres, compared with the previous distance of 50 metres under DLA.

Campaigns director at the charity Muscular Dystrophy UK said: "Each of the 51,000 vehicles being taken away is a story about a disabled person's independence being compromised”.

The Motability scheme entitles disabled people to lease a specially adapted new car, scooter or powered wheelchair using part of their benefit.

Former work and pensions minister Angela Eagle MP pointed out: "What's happening in the worst cases is, from being mobile and being able to get out and about in a car, that's been removed and this may mean people have had their ability to live their life at taken away, and some of them are left housebound." 12/4/2017