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Starmer censured – as he ‘demonstrably not a socialist’
Prestigious Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers AGM resolved that Keir Starmer does not qualify for membership of the society because he is demonstrably not a socialist. (screenshot)

Starmer was formally a member of society that was founded in 1930 and provides a well-respected and knowledgeable forum for the discussion and analysis of law and the legal system, both nationally and internationally, from a socialist perspective.

Questions over Starmer’s poor and overreaching actions along with his dictatorial leadership style have come to a head with members who feel oppressed in expressing their opinions at risk of disciplinary procedures being made against them.

Discontents also grow among some grassroots supporters at Starmer's leadership. They feel he has not been strong enough in criticising the Government's response to the pandemic, are stunned by his support for Boris Johnson's Brexit deal, and appalled at his handing of Jeremy Corbyn's suspension from the party.

Valley Branch Dyffryn in Aberconwy passed what may well be the first of many motions of no confidence by local parties in Starmer and his leadership.

Then Camberwell Green branch in Southwark passed a motion of no confidence in the party leader, and said its members did not believe Starmer could lead the party to victory against Boris Johnson’s Conservatives or deliver “socialist” policies.

It said: “This branch has lost confidence in Keir Starmer as leader of the Labour Party”.

A Change.org motion of No Confidence in Keir Starmer, signed by over 7000, alleges that his funders are opponents of socialist and pro-Middle East peace Labour.

Liverpool members reacted to ban on CLP no-confidence motion in Starmer/Evans – by passing branch no-confidence motion in Starmer and Evans.

And the list can go on. It appears that rather than uniting Labour party member and supporters, Starmer has only achieved disunity.

Many Labour supporters intend to abstain at the elections if Starmer remains the leader of the Labour party. 10/02/2021