- people are not blind to colour in a colour conscious society
- racism affects black and white people both but differently
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Recently we have seen more and more contempt for our democracy though somewhat covert but Boris Johnson has changed all this.

In September, five weeks away from the Brexit deadline, he suspended parliament for five weeks in an attempt to force through a no-deal Brexit. His opponents demanded he stop the coup, a word more regularly associated with developing countries politics.

The supreme court ruled that Boris Johnson’s advice to the Queen that parliament should be prorogued for five weeks at the height of the Brexit crisis was unlawful.

Johnson, voted in by Tories and not the public and repeatedly defeated by MPs, has now threatened to put Channel 4’s public service licence under review. He was outraged that the programme replaced him with a melting ice sculpture after he refused to take part in a leadership debate on climate change.

More recently, he has come under fire for using the London Bridge attack to score cheap political points. In a moving post the father of one of the victims, Jack Merritt, has described Boris Johnson’s calls for tougher sentencing “beyond disgusting”.

“Jack would be livid his death has been used to further an agenda of hate,” he wrote in the Guardian in what is widely considered a veiled attack on the Tory leader.

Johnson is by now well known as a cynical leader, an opportunist and has an aversion to anyone who is not from the same class, sex or race.  “A racist PM, and a racist candidate” said the Momentum founder Jon Lansman, brought up in an Orthodox Jewish family in Southgate   

Johnson has said social housing could be an “enticement” for young women to have babies and has called the children of single mothers “ill-raised, ignorant, aggressive and illegitimate.” Black people are “flag-waving piccaninnies” with “watermelon smiles” and Britain should “axe large chunks of the anti-racism industry.”

He has said Britain’s colonial era was good for Africa – “the problem is not that we were once in charge, but that we are not in charge anymore.”

After Johnson’s letterbox comments attacked Muslim women, Islamophobic incidents rose by 375 per cent,

So, we have a racist, xenophobic and discriminatory prime minister, many people would agree on that .

Talking about immigration, he uses the colonial term people of colour as if he is colourless!

Despite all this he is still in charge of our multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-religious country and there are people still seriously considering voting for him next week.

If Johnson wins next week it is people like the far-right agitator and former Trump strategist Steve Bannon, who has close links with Johnson, who will be empowered. 6/12/2019