Racism shows up in different ways, HCJ has long experience of dealing with racial harassment and the racists

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  • people are not blind to colour in a colour conscious society
  • racism affects black and white people both but differently
  • racial harassment is anti human rights - more than hate crime
  • equal opportunity is to practise 'different but equal'


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Tory Deception

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It would be extremely concerning if British intelligence agencies hacked into a Sim cards manufacturer in order to steal codes that allowed the agencies to decode data that passes between mobile phones and cell towers.
Stolen encryption keys allow eavesdropping easily on phone calls and texts without seeking permission from telecoms companies or governments, and without leaving a trace.

Another hacking

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Well done Khan

Sadiq Khan won London Mayoral election by a huge majority despite Zack Goldsmith team’s vile race and hate campaign, worst in the history of British elections.
Conservative strategy, sharpened in Harrow East, to stir up emotions in certain communities for votes also failed.
Mr Khan’s count gave him the largest personal mandate of any politician in UK history.
It would be interesting to see how Mr Khan works under critics thick magnifying glasses and addresses plight of Londoners who have different but equally important needs! 9/5/16

The Chilcot report is no doubt a damning indictment of Tony Blair for taking the nation to unnecessary and illegal Iraq war. Not only this but the use of lies and deception to promote the war also poisoned the whole political system, resulting in a culture of lies as witnessed at the last London mayoral election, EU referendum and the political party leadership challenges!

The extent of the link between the lies, fear to promote Bexit campaign and increased racism/ race hate crimes is becoming clear as confirmed by the report of the Independent newspaper that was given exclusive access to a database of more than 500 racist incidents compiled in the weeks since the EU referendum – most victims Eastern European or Muslims.

Also, according to the police, hate crime rose by 57 per cent in the four days following the referendum, and that 42 per cent more hate crime was reported in the last two weeks of June than there had been in the corresponding period of 2015.
The social media sites report criticises the past and present prime ministers for their role in creating the “hostile environment” that paved the way for post-referendum racism and social division.

For example, the report recalls that in 2012, Theresa May, the then Home Secretary, used a newspaper interview to declare: “The aim is to create here in Britain a really hostile environment for illegal migration.”

Theresa May has drawn attention to her Islamophobic sense and the discredited ‘Prevent’ strategy, developed in panic due to the rift between her and the then education secretary Gove as to who is not doing enough to combat ‘extremism’.

The authors of Post-referendum racism and xenophobia say: “If a hostile environment is embedded politically, it can’t be a surprise that it takes root culturally.”

The shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham also criticised Theresa May and said, “It is clear that the Government has contributed to the unwelcoming climate and that our new Prime Minister in particular is responsible”. 30/7/2016



Racism/ hate crimes in post-Brexit Britain